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Level 8 Technology is a full service IT firm that provides converged IT infrastructure to a broad spectrum of business, education and government markets. We are a Class A contractor in multiple states, and with converged IT at the core of our business we can handle everything from structured cabling to wireless, network hardware, IP security, VoIP phone systems, and print solutions, as well as the ongoing support your organization requires everyday. In addition, we excel at bringing many or all of these items together in a converged environment, giving you a single point of contact for ongoing needs and support, yielding savings that impact your bottom line.

We are a customer focused firm and think of ourselves as the eighth, or "human layer", which is at the core of our customer approach every day. The image shown depicts the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model. In simple terms, the model describes how information moves from one networked device to another and builds from Layer 1 (the physical layer), which includes wiring, up to Layer 7, which interacts with the applications we use every day. Level 8 is a reference to the non-existent 8th layer, referring to the user, or individual person, layer. Above this would be the organization.

This reference is our commitment to bring a superior human element to the world of IT. We strive every day to understand our customer's operational goals, working with them to discuss and identify how IT can be a tool to help them achieve these goals.

We are an organization that is committed to our customers, hires and develops best in class IT professionals, creates a caring work environment that stresses work/life balance, and gives back to our community through IT. Contact us to discuss your IT needs!




We are a class A contractor with 40 years of project management heritage. We blend several areas of distinct experience into a company focused on converged IT services in the enterprise organization. From layer 1 (or level 1) wiring infrastructure to layer 8 (or level 8), the human layer, we are a dedicated group of cross functional employees that caters to organizations that are interested in best in class solutions delivered by a company adept at all facets of IP infrastructure. Contact us now to discover your solution!


VA 11-9893


Large School System - We’re providing an electronic security solution to a large 20+ school system. Level 8 developed a full solutions design including video tie-in to the county’s 911 center, interior and exterior camera placement for each school, exterior door access control and network infrastructure including racks, rack servers and wireless communication for remote camera locations. Level 8 is providing all product and installation services including structured cabling during the multi-year project.


eZuce - Born out of the sipXecs open source VoIP project, eZuce delivers innovative and cost effective real-time communications and collaboration solutions. They are fully committed to the commercial open source model, contributing code and support to the sipXcom project. Their products include Uniteme (UC, including telephony, audio conferencing, IM and unified messaging), Viewme (visual collaboration, including videoconferencing and webinars) and Reachme (help desk and contact center).