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Electronic Security

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Video, Access Control & Alarm


Full service solutions including video, access control and alarm.
Class A contractors with 40 years of project management heritage.
Industry leading design and implementation experience.
Best in class technology partners.
Premise, cloud and hybrid options.

We live at the forefront of electronic security and IT convergence. With our unique full lifecycle approach to integrated security services, and our contracting and project management heritage, we'll ensure your absolute protection as well as a seamless integration between your security and network infrastructure regardless of the scale of your project or organization.

We understand one size definitely does not fit all, especially when it comes to security. There are many options available when choosing a security partner. That choice is often the difference between simply having equipment installed and actually solving security problems. When you choose Level 8 Technology, we provide a tangible connection between the security problems you have and the solutions we deploy. Our team has the experience to design and coordinate installations of any size, and trained technicians who focus on precision and quality workmanship.

Level 8 focuses on identifying the unique security needs of your organization by assessing not only your facility, but also your business objectives, processes and policies. We strive to understand your operations so that we can design a system that accomplishes your goals.

Leveraging our years of industry experience and relationships with best in class technology partners, we scale from single vendor to complex integrated solutions utilizing the appropriate software, hardware and infrastructure that will support your immediate requirements and will evolve with your ever-changing environment in the future. And with our converged IT approach, we can seamlessly blend security and networking across the organization, as well as provide custom web and application development, opening the door to business process implementation from a single provider.

Beyond the physical installation of your system, Level 8 believes it is equally important to provide you with a complete understanding of your system post turnover. We will walk you through a complete system test and checkout, and create and deliver a customized training program tailored to your specific needs. We also provide you with comprehensive documentation to support your investment.

We know that our job doesn’t end with the installation of equipment. Training, preventative maintenance, scheduled inspections, remote monitoring, system management and service all ensure that your system continues to provide the same level of security and performance that it did when it was first commissioned. The most important part of our job is ensuring that your system continues to meet the security goals of your organization. As your long-term partner, Level 8 will create a custom support plan tailored to your specific needs. From maintenance, to ongoing training and change management, we are committed to securing your investment for years to come.


We are a class A contractor with 40 years of project management heritage. We blend several areas of distinct experience into a company focused on converged IT services in the enterprise organization. From layer 1 (or level 1) wiring infrastructure to layer 8 (or level 8), the human layer, we are a dedicated group of cross functional employees that caters to organizations that are interested in best in class solutions delivered by a company adept at all facets of IP infrastructure. Contact us now to discover your solution!


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Large School System - We’re providing an electronic security solution to a large 20+ school system. Level 8 developed a full solutions design including video tie-in to the county’s 911 center, interior and exterior camera placement for each school, exterior door access control and network infrastructure including racks, rack servers and wireless communication for remote camera locations. Level 8 is providing all product and installation services including structured cabling during the multi-year project.


eZuce - Born out of the sipXecs open source VoIP project, eZuce delivers innovative and cost effective real-time communications and collaboration solutions. They are fully committed to the commercial open source model, contributing code and support to the sipXcom project. Their products include Uniteme (UC, including telephony, audio conferencing, IM and unified messaging), Viewme (visual collaboration, including videoconferencing and webinars) and Reachme (help desk and contact center).