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Web Design & Custom Development


Artfully crafted, value driven website designs.
Business process integration across our products & services.
Responsive sites built with Drupal & Wordpress.
Corporate intranets & custom web tools.
Custom web & product development.

Website Design
At Level 8 Technology, we believe there is a gap in the marketplace for well-designed, professional sites that are affordable yet increase your online image, marketing message and/or retail presence.

As website tools become more prolific and easier to use, the website design landscape has splintered. There are any number of “designers” that seem to pop up daily, national websites that offer a cookie-cutter approach, and firms that promote their enterprise level products and design expertise. In this crowded marketplace, Level 8 caters to those looking for artfully crafted yet value driven designs.

Level 8 utilizes the leading open source website development products, Drupal and WordPress. We have the in-house knowledge and experience to build sites in these tools from the ground up to meet specific customer demands. We can also take a theme approach, licensing an existing theme and bringing value and creativity to the process of modifying that theme to fit a customer’s needs. And, all of our sites are fully responsive, designed to respond to the hardware device being used to view them so the structural layout of the site adapts to the specific screen size. 

With Drupal and WordPress, we have tools backed by large and very active open source communities. This means secure, stable and well-managed products that eliminate the need for on-going licensing fees. The challenge with these products, as with any open source product, is the knowledge and expertise of the company using them. With Level 8, you get a company dedicated to our customers and well versed in the world of open source products. You can rest easy knowing that you have the experience and strength of a trusted partner behind you. A partner that will continue to support you as your image and message change.

From simple branding sites, to corporate intranets, to large and complex sites built in Drupal, we bring experience, value and artistic design to every project.


Custom Development & Business Process Integration
Level 8 has in-house programming skills in PHP, C#, Python, PowerShell and Bash and integration with MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis, among others. We can apply these skills across the many products that we represent, some of which are open, while others feature an available API (application program interface) which allows us to create links between that product and other products, or to a custom developed web application. Level 8 has the in-house talent to discuss any business need you may have, and how we can approach fulfilling that need through BPI (business process integration).

Your organization is unique, and that creates unique needs. The technology products we represent are built to be integrated. One of the things we do well is working with our customers as a partner. Customers that regularly include us in their IT and operational discussions give us the opportunity to apply our perspective and experience to their unique needs. From simple functional product tweaks, to custom web apps that aggregate data from multiple sources, to complex software integrations, quality communication with our customers has proven to yield solutions that often save man hours, improve a business workflow and/or lead to direct revenue and expense gains.



We are a class A contractor with 40 years of project management heritage. We blend several areas of distinct experience into a company focused on converged IT services in the enterprise organization. From layer 1 (or level 1) wiring infrastructure to layer 8 (or level 8), the human layer, we are a dedicated group of cross functional employees that caters to organizations that are interested in best in class solutions delivered by a company adept at all facets of IP infrastructure. Contact us now to discover your solution!


VA 11-9893


Large School System - We’re providing an electronic security solution to a large 20+ school system. Level 8 developed a full solutions design including video tie-in to the county’s 911 center, interior and exterior camera placement for each school, exterior door access control and network infrastructure including racks, rack servers and wireless communication for remote camera locations. Level 8 is providing all product and installation services including structured cabling during the multi-year project.


eZuce - Born out of the sipXecs open source VoIP project, eZuce delivers innovative and cost effective real-time communications and collaboration solutions. They are fully committed to the commercial open source model, contributing code and support to the sipXcom project. Their products include Uniteme (UC, including telephony, audio conferencing, IM and unified messaging), Viewme (visual collaboration, including videoconferencing and webinars) and Reachme (help desk and contact center).